Andy Fraser

I got to work and become friends with Andy because of Kim Turner who generously funded the making of the album that Island released as Fine Fine Line.
I first met Andy at his house/studio nestled in the hills of Tujunga, California where he had an outbuilding set up to write and record his demos. Kim had previously given me a cassette of his songs that included “Fine Fine Line” which I absolutely loved.
Free I was and remain a huge fan of being still at school when he co wrote Alright Now.
So the opportunity to get know Andy and work on an album together was a pretty amazing experience for me.
Even 35 years on I listen to the original mixes of the songs we recorded and produced together.

Our 1st recordings we did at Skyline together involved guitarist Michael Monarch but after these sessions Andy decided to use Michael Thompson. So we actually had a 1st trial run then I returned to England for several months whilst he wrote more material.
When I came back to LA in 1983 I met with Andy and Graham Lyle who were finishing of writing together and musicians were all in place to record the whole album with Tony Braunagel – drums, Bob Marlette – Keyboards Michael Thompson – guitar and Davey Faragher – Bass