It’s March 2018 and I find myself in “the land of smiles” with time to compile parts of my life’s journey as a Producer/Engineer/Mixer and most importantly to give thanks to those that have helped me along the way.
Rather than just a list of credits of some of the amazing Artists I’ve been fortunate to have had at the end of a fader I’ve detailed the studios  recorded at as well. Wherever possible I list equipment and format used.
In our now constantly changing world of digital technology it’s interesting to look back on a recording industry before Digital paved a way for new techniques.
In my earlier years musicians played together in the same room and recorded without click tracks or Autotune. Slap echo was from a tape machine not a plugin. The advances we have made are incredible   and the recording medium once held for a select few is now available for all to create, express ideas and market music from the bedroom. Through changes however there are losses, the interaction of great musical talent playing together at the same time looking for that magical take. Many great recording spaces are no longer as is evident from my list of studios on this site as music is now made on our laptops.
I was though fortunate in the 70’s and 80’s to have had the experience of analogue recording, worked in some amazing studios and sat for many hours behind a variety of recording consoles such as Helios, MCI, Neve, Harrison, Trident, API, Cadac, Soundcraft, DDA and SSL.
There are audio clips on each artist page, some will be alternative mixes and unreleased material.
One page details the Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards I have received and on another there is Contact Page for any questions or comments you may have.
There is also a video links page and a selection of clips I made of the Status Quo ‘Rockin’ All Over The World” tape restoration and remix.
I remain passionate about music and recording and always look forward to the next opportunity to be a catalyst in the creative process of the Artist.
I hope you find something of interest here as I share my journey so far.
John Eden

The early years