Status Quo

It’s our 2nd attempt to record in Dublin but this time a brand new facility, its MCI equipped throughout and has a decent sized recording room that the band can set up in a round and all be together.
Once again we stay at Jurys hotel which has a 24 hour cafe.
In the last year in between my other projects I’d help Francis put together gear for his home studio. Jerry Browse the Marquee tech had done most of the wiring so above his garage hidden from the county planning folk we had a pretty decent 24 track (MCI) set up. The demos for songs that got used on Just Supposin and Never too Late we t
Not to be left out Richard decided that he would convert his games room into a studio as well and enlisted audio company Turnkey to built the control and supply all the equipment. Alan was in Australia and also had his studio to so the standard of the “demos” around was getting pretty good.